Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Shows

  So this is a non exhaustive list of the new TV shows I've been watching lately. Some of them started in 2011-2012, and others are just older series I just got into:

Once Upon a Time: Fairy tales characters trapped in 2012

2 Broke girls: Racial jokes, punchlines ridden and did I mention Kat Dennings cleavage?

American Horror Story: Just the kind of creepiness I'm so fond of

Covert Affairs: Despite being a field agent, it took her 2 whole seasons to get a gun

Hart of Dixie: Cute and sweet as pumpkin pie
Khloe & Lamar: Guilty pleasure. Hey, I'm not perfect.
Happy Endings: Ah-ma-zing

New Girl: Quirky & whimsical. Sometimes I just want to shake her and tell her that life isn't all about ponies and unicorns. Jess would fit right in with the folks in Storybrooke.

The Secret Circle: Those kids are so annoying but I'm totally addicted
White Collar: I'd turn gay for Neil Caffrey. Mozzie & Peter's wife are the real detectives on the show.

House of Lies: Sexy portrayal of the world of consultant management, plagued with unnecessary nudity