Saturday, March 14, 2009

My 100th post

I first started this blog on february 1, 2009, and today it's my 100th post, all in one month and a half, if I might add. How awesome is that ? So to celebrate this meaningless achievement, I'm going to reveal 36 random things about my 2nd favorite person on earth, ME.
I initially thought about doing 100 things but I got bored after a while, it's usually more interesting to talk about tv shows.

1. Bruce Springsteen released the song "Born in the USA" the day I was born, how cool is that ?!

2. I'm afraid of heights but I love roller coasters.

3. I like both PC and MAC (Ok I admit, I do like PC a tiny bit more than mac)

4. I sleep 7 hours a day, most of the time

5. I believe that "Acme Corporation" is deliberately sabotaging Coyote's plans by sending him defective devices.

6. I like both winter and summer equally.

7. I'm fluent in 3 languages and I know curses from a lot of languages.

8. I eat everything, except "Jello".

9. All my favorite tv shows are cancelled, or will be by the end of june :(

10. I shower 3 times a day.

11. I volunteer for UNICEF at least a month each summer because I like to travel and see places of the world that aren't showed on postcards.

12. I'm really good at searching for things via "Google".

13. I suck at "Guitar Hero".

14. I love "chick flicks" no matter how repetitive and full of clich├ęs some stories might be, and I'm slightly not ashamed to admit it.

15. I have a crush on Amber Tamblyn, I think she's a great actress and human being.

16. I own more shoes than my girlfriend does.

17. I have 2 younger sisters.

18. I have 2 passeports.

19. I'll be done with my 3rd university degree by the end of 2009.

20. I've never had a real job in my life (my resume is full of volunteering gigs and irrelevant past-times).

21. I don't "twitter".

22. I haven't changed my "Facebook status" in months.

23. I cried a little when "Veronica Mars" was cancelled.

24. I never liked "Jess" from the tv show "Gilmore Girls".

25. I've never watched "The godfather", even though I have the DVDs.

26. I know nearly all the lines from "Remember the titans".

27. I have a calendar in which I insert birthdays of everyone I know. I hope that someday, the calendar will be full of birthdays so that I'll have a reason to celebrate everyday.

28. Ellen Degeneres is my favorite talk show host.

29. My favorite colors are blue, white and black.

30. I play soccer

31. I can play the flute (I wish I knew how to play the piano, guitar or other cooler instrument)

32. I find it very egocentric of earthlings to think that they are the only race in the universe.

33. I drive a prius.

34. I love the smell of new CDs

35. I love how arduous it is to open a new CD.

36. I watched "Twilight" today for the first time, I liked it.


  1. Yay! Congrats 100 posts!

    I'm afraid of heights but I love roller coasters, favorite color is blue...

    Me too!

  2. Lol, those are some interesting facts!
    Do you really shower 3 times a day? That's crazy!

  3. I usually shower 3 times a day on weekdays because I have soccer practice between classes, and I take a shower before going to bed, unless I'm really tired.

  4. Ok, that makes more sense. I thought you had major OCD