Friday, February 27, 2009

Dead Like Me- Movie Soundtrack

Soundtrack from the movie: Dead Like Me- Life after Death (2009)
  • "Better Off Dead"
    Performed by Sexton Blake
    Written by Josh Hodges
    Published by Josh Hodges & Expunged Publishing
    Courtesy of Expunged Records

  • "Girl Crazy"
    Written & Performed by Walter Murphy
    Published by RFT Music Publishing Co.
    Courtesy of Thomas J. Valentino

  • "Hard Boiled Baby"
    Performed by Buck Evans
    Written by Robert Bailey Evans
    Published by Retsina Glow Music
    Courtesy of Burn Barrel Records

  • "Last Time Around"
    Performed by The Del-vetts
    Written by Dennis Dahlquist
    Published by Yuggoth Music
    Courtesy of Dunwich Records

  • "Boom Boom Ba"
    Performed by Metisse
    Written by Aida Bredou & Skully
    Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Courtesy of Blind Faith Digital

Metisse-"Boom Boom Ba" (I think the original is from Barbara Hascakova)


  1. do u know where i can watch the movie?

  2. The movie is on the blog

  3. What was the short piano song during the scene at the hospital and at the very end of the credits... it's beautiful and I can't find out the name