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The people behind "Bones"

Peter Himmelman, Music Composer

From left to Right, Andrea Folprecht, Richard Currie, Kimberly Ettinger, editors

Bones- Season 1

Created by Hart Hanson, Bones is a tv show based on the works of real-life forensic-anthropologist Kathy Reichs, who is herself a producer on the show. Dr Temperance Brennan ("Bones") , a highly rational thinker, cynical and lonely forensic anthropologist teams up with FBI agent Seeley Booth to solve murders. Her team of anthropologists provide scientific expertise and an outsider's perspective to the world of criminal investigation to the FBI.
The show first aired on september 2005.


Emily Deschanel as "Dr. Temperance Brennan"
David Boreanaz as "Agent Seeley Booth"
Michaela Conlin as "Dr. Angela Montenegro"
T.J. Thyne as "Dr. Jack Hodgins"
Eric Millegan as "Dr. Zack Addy"
Tamara Taylor as "Dr. Camille Saroyan"
John Francis Daley as "Dr. Lance Sweets"
Jonathan Adams as "Dr. Goodman" (Season 1)

Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1 : Pilot

Episode 2 : The Man in the SUV

Episode 3 : A Boy in a Tree

Episode 4 : The Man in the Bear

Episode 5 : A Boy in a Bush

Episode 6 : The Man in the Wall

Episode 7 : The Man on Death Row

Episode 8 : The Girl in the Fridge

Episode 9 : The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Episode 10 : The Woman at the Airport

Episode 11: The Woman in the Car

Episode 12: The Superhero in the Alley

Episode 13: The Woman in the Garden

Episode 14: The Man on the Fairway

Episode 15: Two Bodies in the Lab

Episode 16: The Woman in the Tunnel

Episode 17: The Skull in the Desert

Episode 18: The Man with the Bone

Episode 19: The Man in the Morgue

Episode 20: The Graft in the Girl

Episode 21: The Soldier on the Grave

Episode 22: The Woman in Limbo

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Grey's Anatomy- Music from Season 2

Episode 1: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

  • "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow,
  • "Step Away From the Cliff" by Blue Eyed Son,
  • "All I Need" by Firstcom,
  • "Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well" by Mike Doughty,
  • "Everyday is a Holiday" by Esthero Feat. Sean Lennon,
  • "Feel So Free" by Ivy,
  • "The City" by Joe Purdy.

Episode 2: Enough Is Enough

  • "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall,
  • "Just A Ride" by Jem,
  • "Go Tell The World" by Joy Zipper,
  • "Beautiful" by Goldfrapp,
  • "What Can I Say" by Brandi Carlile.

Episode 3: Make Me Lose Control

  • "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall,
  • "By Heart" by Sylvie Lewis,
  • "Ruby Blue" by Roisin Murphy,
  • "Fools In Love" by Inara George,
  • "Song Beneath The Song" by Maria Taylor

Episode 4: Deny, Deny, Deny

  • "Catch My Disease" Ben Lee.
  • "I Fought the Angels" by The Delgados
  • "Infinity" by Merrick
  • "Ramalama" by Roisin Murphy

Episode 5: Bring the Pain

  • "When I Come Home" by Blue Eyed Son
  • "Yellow Horse" by Cowboy Racer
  • "Prelude to Love In The Making" by Roisin Murphy
  • "I Hear The Bells" by Mike Dought
  • "Don't Forget Me" by Way Out West
  • "Not Tonight" by Tegan & Sara

Episode 6: Into You Like a Train

  • "The City Lights" by Umbrellas
  • "Back Where I Was" by The Here After
  • "Today Has Been Okay" by Emiliana Torrini
  • "Blood and Peanut Butter" by B.C. Camplight

Episode 7: Something to Talk About

  • "Better Off Dead" by The Faders
  • "Chewing Gum" by Annie
  • "Since You've Been Around" by Rosie Thomas
  • "Other Side Of The World" by KT Tunstall
  • "Get Through" by Mark Joseph

Episode 8: Let It Be

  • "Sexy Mistake" by The Chalets
  • "No Sleep Tonight" by the Faders
  • "Bang Bang To the Rock N Roll" by Gabin
  • "I Melt With You" by Nouvelle Vague
  • "Far Away Blues" by Joe Purdy
  • "Miss Halfway" by Anya Marina

Episode 9: Thanks for the Memories

  • "Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah)" by Fannypack
  • "New Song" (From Me To You) by Dressy Bessy
  • "Too Hard" by Mark McAdam
  • "Dance" by The O.A.O.T.'s
  • "Serenade" by Emiliana Torrini
  • "Not Going Anywhere" by Keren Ann
  • "Sad Eyes" by Josh Rouse

Episode 10: Much Too Much

Episode 11: Owner of A Lonely Heart

Episode 12: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Episode 13: Begin the Beginning

Episode 14: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Episode 15: Break on Through

  • "The Suggestion Box" by Aqueduct. Meredith's voice over; the nurses' demonstration.
  • "Wanna Fly" by Vassy. The bar fight
  • "Someone To Love" by Kate Earl. Izzie talks to Cheyenne.
  • "Sailed On" by Landon Pigg. Cristina & Burke talk about mistake & apologies; Meredith talks to Webber about her mother
  • "Scratch" by Kendall Payne. Cheyenne's baby's operation; Grace's death; Meredith crying in the linen closet with Derek
  • "Just In Case" by Leeroy Stagger. End montage.

Episode 16: It's the End of The World

  • "Dead Streets" by Monotypes. George's dream with Izzie, Meredith & Cristina in the shower
  • "Miniature Disasters" by KT Tunstall. Meredith & Hannah talk during prep
  • "Kaboom!" by Ursula 1000. Izzie and Alex talk; she decides to become a 'Do-er
  • "In The Sun" by Michael Stipe & Chris Martin. Hannah starts to panic.

Episode 17: As We Know it

  • "I Tell Myself" by Correatown. Meredith's voice over
  • "Stay Where You Are" by Ambulance LTD. Burke tells Cristina to leave the O.R
  • "Back In The Wild" by Greenskeepers. Meredith, Burke & Dylan move to a different O.R
  • "Breathe (2AM)" by Anna Nalick. Tucker's surgery; Bailey's delivery; Meredith starts to panic during Burke's surgery
  • "Unlike Me (acapella mix)" by Kate Havnevik. End montage
  • "Homebird" by Foy Vance

Episode 18: Yesterday

  • "Diplo Rhythm" by Diplo. Cristina dances around in Burke's apartment
  • "Night Rocker" by The Chalets. Mark, Derek & Webber talk about the boy with leonitis
  • "Just One Breath" by Devics. Addison & Mark talk about their relationship
  • "Closer" by Joshua Radin. Izzie talks to the multiorgasmic woman, Pamela; Jake's operation & death
  • "It Don't Matter To The Sun" by Rosie Thomas. Meredith goes to see her father
  • "Everybody Needs A Fence To Lean On" by Headlights. Addison & Derek talk while waiting for the elevator until Mark arrives.
  • "Like A Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae. Izzie talks to George about Meredith; Meredith & Mark at Joe's bar

Episode 19: What Have I Done to Deserve This ?

  • "Careless Love" by Madeline Peyroux. Opening scenes
  • "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go. George meets Callie
  • "Be Gentle With Me" by Boy Least Likely To. Derek finds Addison & finds out about the poison ivy
  • "Throw It All Away" by Brandi Carlile. George packs; flashback to Meredith & George having sex
  • "Slow Down" by New Moscow. Callie gives George her number.

Episode 20: Band-Aids Covers the Bullet Hole

  • "Come Sing Me A Song" by Sing Sing. Burke & George being men
  • "Modern Love" by The Last Town Chorus. Derek & Addison talk
  • "So Weit" by The Urbs. The interns have lunch; Cristina babysits
  • "One" by Tina Dico. Surgeries; Izzie talks to Burke about Denny; Addison checks on the patient with the flirtatious husband
  • "Flying High" by Jem. Meredith's end voice over

Episode 21: Superstition

  • "You Don't Know Me" by Greenskeepers. Opening scenes
  • "Catalyst (acoustic)" by Anna Nalick. The Chief talks to his AA sponsor, Ollie, about Ellis
  • "Free" by Luke Doucet. The interns have lunch
  • "How To Save A Life" by The Fray. Surgeries
  • "Gabriel And The Vagabond" by Foy Vance. Izzie & Meredith talk; Izzie worries about Denny.
  • "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell. End montage

Episode 22: Name of The Game

  • "Girl, You Shout!" by Dressy Bessy. Meredith knits at Joe's bar.
  • "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. The Chief arrives while the interns are having lunch.
  • "C'mon Yeah" by The Sunshine. Meredith smashes the cast
  • Wreck Of The Day (acoustic)" by Anna Nalick. George talks to Thatcher Grey about Meredith
  • "The Fear You Won't Fall" by Joshua Radin. Callie cuts George's hair; Meredith meets Finn.

Episode 23: Blues for Sister Someone

  • "Love" by The Sunshine. Meredith's voice over
  • "Police And The Private" by Metric. Derek & Meredith talk in the elevator
  • "Better Man" by James Morrison. Meredith & Finn go to birth the horse
  • "Follow Through" by Hotel Lights. End montage

Episode 24: Damage Case

  • "Something Good" by The Legends. Opening scenes
  • "Tragedy" by Brandi Carlile. Melanie has the second surgery.
  • "Nowhere Warm" by Kate Havnevik. Marshall apologizes to Jim for causing the accident
  • "Oh My Love" by Inara George. Bailey & Addison explain Melanie's condition to her mother
  • "On The Radio" by Regina Spektor. End scenes

Episode 25: 17 Seconds

  • "Gold Lion" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Opening scenes.
  • "Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking" by Snow Patrol. Meredith & Derek in the elevator; end montage

Episode 26: Determination of The Fight or Flight Response

  • "Universe And U" by KT Tunstall. Webber & Derek talk in the lounge
  • "Look At Her Face" by The Coral Sea. Denny is wheeled in to surgery
  • "Through The Backyards" by Au Revoir Simone. The surgeries
  • "How We Operate" by Gomez. The surgeries continued; end montage

Episode 27: Losing my Religion

  • "Under The Waves" by Peter Droge. Addison & Derek talk
  • "Side 2" by Dressy Bessy. The prom starts
  • "Colors" by Amos Lee. Webber dances with his niece
  • "Destination Vertical" by Masha Qrella. Finn & Meredith dance, as Derek watches her while dancing with Addiso
  • "Grace" by Kate Havnevik. Meredith & Derek have sex; Denny dies
  • "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. Alex persuades Izzie to let go of Denny.

Playlist from TVShowMusic

Alexandra Patsavas, Music Producer for Grey's Anatomy

Dollhouse Season 1 episode 3- Stage Fright

Created by Joss Whedon, Dollhouse is a tv show about a secret agency that programs people to fulfill the needs, desires and wishes of their clients. Echo, a young and beautiful woman is one those agents, also called "Actives" who undergo brainwashing procedures after each mission they complete.

Dollhouse Season 1 episode 3: Stage Fright
Aired on Friday February 27, 2009 on Fox.

Echo is programmed as a backup singer to watch out for a female singer with a very overzealous fan

Guest Stars: Jaime Lee Kirchner as "Rayna Russell", Graham Norris as "The Fan"

Music from this episode:

  • "Superstar (Smash It)" by Jaime Lee Kirchner, originally by Kimberly Cole. Concert incident; repeats during the dance rehearsals, second concert & as Sierra sings for the crazed fan.
  • "Freedom" by Eliza Dushku & Jaime Lee Kirchner. Rayna joins in as Echo auditions; repeats as Rayna sings & Ellie goes to visit Ballard in the hospital.
  • "The High" by Light FM. Ballard meets with Lubov
  • "Make Your Move" by Jaime Lee Kirchner. Echo looks for the crazed fan as Rayna performs

: This blog is not responsible for content of external internet sites as I am not responsible for the availability of such third party web sites.
I neither endorse, make any representations nor accept any liability (whether direct or indirect) for such third party web sites or their content, products or services offered at those web sites, or by their sponsoring companies.

Dollhouse - Music from Season 1

Theme song: "What You Don’t Know” by Jonatha Brooke and Eric Bazilian

Promo Songs:

"Cobrastyle" by Robyn. 'Year's Most Original Series' promo
"Boys Wanna Be Her" by Peaches.
'New Fox Friday' promo
"Massive Dose" by Sonic Librarian.
'Sinner, Savior, Lover, Killer' (aka 'My Angel') promo

Episode 1: Ghost

Episode 2: Target

  • "Get Out" by The Vines. ( Part where Echo & Richard go rafting.)
  • "Leave It On" by Delorentos. ( When Ballard phones Lubov.)

Episode 3: Stage Fright

  • "Superstar (Smash It)" by Jaime Lee Kirchner, originally by Kimberly Cole. Concert incident; repeats during the dance rehearsals, second concert & as Sierra sings for the crazed fan.
  • "Freedom" by Eliza Dushku & Jaime Lee Kirchner. Rayna joins in as Echo auditions; repeats as Rayna sings & Ellie goes to visit Ballard in the hospital.
  • "The High" by Light FM. Ballard meets with Lubov
  • "Make Your Move" by Jaime Lee Kirchner. Echo looks for the crazed fan as Rayna performs

Episode 4: Gray Hour

  • "Treat Em Well" by The Sylvias. Echo acts as a midwife.
  • "All Over Me" by Lara D. Echo works a bachelor party.
  • "I Go To Sleep" by Sia. Echo has a swim & shower.

Episode 5: True Believer

  • "Moody Liz" by Daxton. Jesse the mechanic listens to this as the bus arrives.
  • "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms". Sung by the cult members as their bus stops at the gas station

Episode 6: Man On The Street
  • "Memory Box" by Alessi's Ark. Ballard & Mellie chat over Chinese food
  • "Concerto For Oboe & Orchestra No. 11 in B-Flat Major, Op. 9: Adagio" by Tomaso Albinoni. Mellie is attacked by Hearn.
  • "Sweet Dream" by Greg Laswell. Adelle asks Echo about her painting; Echo returns to finish the engagement with Joel Mynor.

Episode 7: Echoes
  • "Portions For Foxes" by Rilo Kiley. Flashback to Echo/Caroline & her friends discussing Rossum Corporation
  • "Fantaisie-Impromptu In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66" by Chopin. Boyd plays the piano
  • "Everything A Reason" by Carina Round. Adelle watches Echo on the monitors; Mellie tells Ballard she needs to get away for awhile

Episode 8: Needs
  • "Lonely Ghosts" by O+S. Echo walks outside with the other actives; Echo, November, Sierra & Victor fall asleep; repeats as the actives return to their sleep pods.

Playlist from TVShowMusic

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dead Like Me- Movie Soundtrack

Soundtrack from the movie: Dead Like Me- Life after Death (2009)
  • "Better Off Dead"
    Performed by Sexton Blake
    Written by Josh Hodges
    Published by Josh Hodges & Expunged Publishing
    Courtesy of Expunged Records

  • "Girl Crazy"
    Written & Performed by Walter Murphy
    Published by RFT Music Publishing Co.
    Courtesy of Thomas J. Valentino

  • "Hard Boiled Baby"
    Performed by Buck Evans
    Written by Robert Bailey Evans
    Published by Retsina Glow Music
    Courtesy of Burn Barrel Records

  • "Last Time Around"
    Performed by The Del-vetts
    Written by Dennis Dahlquist
    Published by Yuggoth Music
    Courtesy of Dunwich Records

  • "Boom Boom Ba"
    Performed by Metisse
    Written by Aida Bredou & Skully
    Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Courtesy of Blind Faith Digital

Metisse-"Boom Boom Ba" (I think the original is from Barbara Hascakova)

More Pictures of Lindsay Price

Missy Higgins- "Where I stood" (Live Earth)

Missy Higgins performance at Live Earth Concert, Sydney, 7/7/2007.

Privileged: Music from the show

Theme Song: "La La La" by The Bird and The Bee.

Episode 1: Pilot

  • "Love Today" by Mika. (Charlie critiques Megan's story; smoke.)
  • "Tres Tres Chic" by Mocean Worker. (Megan arrives in Palm Springs.)
  • "Intelligentactile 101" by Jesca Hoop. (Sage tasers Megan.)
  • "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash. Megan surprises Charlie at work.
  • "David" by Nellie McKay. Sage & Rose question Megan about her life.
  • "David" by Nellie McKay. Sage & Rose question Megan about her life.
  • "Mr. Blue Sky" by Lily Allen. The start of day two
  • "Slung-lo" by Erin McKeown. Megan meets her new neighbor, Will.
  • "No One Knows" by Asa. Will takes Megan to a gallery.
  • "Bang Bang Bang Bang" by Sohodolls. Megan refuses to sign the waiver for the photo shoot.
  • "Everybody Ona Move" by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Megan & Charlie talk about Sage & Rose.
  • "Breakable" by Ingrid Michaelson. Charlie & Megan discuss change.
  • "I Don't Know A Thing" by Lucy Schwartz. Megan learns she still has a job.
  • "Pony" by Erin McCarley. Megan arrives at the party.
  • "Digame" by Grupo Fiesta. Megan runs into her sister, Lily.
  • "Mua Mua Mua" by Raul Paz. Megan helps out Sage, then runs into Charlie.
  • "Come As You Were" by The Bird and The Bee. Sage confronts Megan; Laurel introduces Megan to the party guests.

Episode 2: All About Honesty

  • "Dejalo" by Rilo Kiley. Laurel introduces Megan to the party guests.
  • "Tous Les Jours" by Saint Privat. Megan & Sage give Rose advice; Megan asks Charlie for help."Say So" by Uh Huh Her. Megan & Lily argue.
  • "Bach en Dub" by Saint Privat. Megan tries to apologize to Laurel.
  • "Cold Feet" by Andrea Wasse. Will tells Megan he's driving Lily home.
  • "Addicted" by Waldeck. Sage & Rose talk about Max & make a plan.
  • "Post It" by The Aluminum Group. Megan apologizes to Charlie for the girls & the party.
  • "The Little Things" by Colbie Caillat. Megan calls Lily, then sees her with Will.

Episode 3: All About what you Really, Really Want

  • "All This Beauty" by The Weepies. Megan works on her book.
  • "Could By Anything" by The Eames Era. Megan is introduced to Rose & Sage's 'Oracle'.
  • "Do You Love Me" by Amanda Jenssen. Sage & Rose arrive at school.
  • "Closing The Door" by Bosshouse Music. Rose tries to turn down Parker's invitation.
  • "Love Letter To Japan" by The Bird and The Bee. Megan arrives at the party & confronts Sage.
  • "L'Heros" by The Pinker Tones. Megan looks for Rose on the boat.
  • "Warm Whispers" by Missy Higgins. Will & Megan agree to be friends.
  • "Gotta Have You" by The Weepies. Megan & Jacob go on a date.

Episode 4: All About the Power Position

  • "Cherry Lips" by Garbage. Jacob doublechecks his plans with Megan; repeats as Charlie urges Megan to answer her phone & Megan goes to Jacob's place.
  • "Why Did We Fire The Gun?" by Waldeck. Sage asks Lily about Megan & they make plans to meet.
  • "Cassandra" by Paper Rival. Megan & Jacob have an awkward post-dinner talk.
  • "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Megan runs into Will.
  • "One More Reason" by Bosshouse Music. Sage & Lily meet for drinks; repeats as Sage escapes from Lily.
  • "Apologies" by Bosshouse Music. Megan calls Lily and find out about Sage.
  • From 'The Marriage Of Figaro' by Mozart. Megan rants to Marco.
  • "Waves" by The Watson Twins. Megan & Rose talk about sex & relationships; Megan meets Charlie for lunch.

Episode 5: All About Friends and Family

  • "Yellow Dress" by Daphne Willis and Co. Rose & Sage check their RSVPs
  • "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Nouvelle Vague. Lily arrives at the pool party
  • "No Bad Mind" by Jana Bent. Charlie interrupts Megan & Will.
  • "Ooh La La" by Lissa. Sage's friends spike her drink.
  • "Common Reaction" by Uh Huh Her. Megan confronts Lily over the bracelet.
  • "Oh Boy" by Duffy. Charlie leaves.
  • "Don't Let Go" by Pacha Massive. Will & Lily go out for drinks.

Episode 6: All About Appearances

  • "Honey" by The Hush Sound. Megan welcomes Laurel home.
  • "Living In Babylon" by Ras Dan. Megan visits Charlie at the Crab Shack.
  • "Memories" by Waldeck. Megan tells the girls she's dating Jacob
  • "Get Rich" by Colin Stead. Charlie tells Megan he's dating Mandy.
  • "Cryin' Shame" by The Happy Problem. Prep for the photo shoot
  • "Everyman" by Lettie. Jacob advises Megan to apologize to Laurel.
  • "Shake It" by Metro Station. The photoshoot.
  • "Hearts Were Made To Be Broken" by Snow and Voices. Laurel asks to see Megan.
  • "Song 10" by Snow and Voices. Megan tells the girls that the photoshoot is off.
  • "Fuck Was I" by Jenny Owen Youngs. Charlie cancels on Megan.

Episode 7: All About the Haves and the Have-nots

  • "Whatever We LIke" by Iglu and Hartly. Megan suggests an extracurricular activity to the girls.
  • "Just A Girl" by Holly Brook. Sage & Rose discuss Megan's dad.
  • "Cardboard Ladders" by Charlotte Martin. Rose & Sage reminsce about their dad
  • "When The Stars Go Blue" by Sevigny. Will apologizes to Megan; Megan's dad tells her he's proud of her.
  • "Redeemed" by Charlotte Martin. Megan's dad apologizes; the girls show Megan their signed volunteer form

Episode 8: All About Defining Yourself

  • "Pills" by Helene. Megan researches Laurel's past; repeats as Charlie & Mandy kiss; Megan packs away Laurel's biography.
  • "Living In Babylon" by Ras Dan. Mandy encourages Charlie to call Megan
  • "Be OK" by Ingrid Michaelson. Sage meets with publicist Patricia Kingston.
  • "All We Are" by Matt Nathanson. Will sympathizes with Megan.
  • "Los Mariscos" by Orquesta Black Power. Charlie breaks things off with Mandy
  • "Jagananda Sleeps" by Mad Finder. Rose asks Charlie for advice
  • "Everything But You" by Glen Phillips. Charlie calls Megan
  • "Give It Time" by Molly Jenson. Megan & Charlie talk; Sage & Rose have a heart-to-heart

Episode 9: All About Insecurities

  • "This Is Alright" by Ellem. Megan tells Marco about her friend coming to visit.
  • "Underground Sunshine" by Livvi Franc. Rose & Sage meet with Patty.
  • "I Thought About You" by The Beautiful Girls. Tennis tournament.
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Chris Perry ft Nicole Hughes. Megan & Caryn line up to get in a club.
  • "Fever" by Lucy Hale. Rose & Sage rehearse.
  • "Jager Yoga" by CSS. Sage & Rose meet Perez Hilton
  • "If You Were Here" by Cary Brothers. Will & Megan kiss.

Episode 10: All About Overcompensating

  • "Swimming Pool" by The Submarines. Megan gets ready for her day.
  • "Trouble Is A Friend" by Lenka. Megan quizzes the girls.
  • "What's In The Middle" by The Bird and The Bee. Megan & Will go to dinner.
  • "Milk & Honey" by Prince Fatty ft Holly Cook. Megan goes to cancel with Antoine.
  • "Shake" by Samantha Farrell. Sage gives Rose a 'cheating' purse.
  • "Cast Out" by Bosshouse Music. Megan phones Lily.
  • "Under My Bed" by Meiko. Megan confronts Rose over her English mark
  • "Disappear" by Gabe Dixon Band. Will asks Megan to be his girlfriend.
  • "Love, Save The Empty" by Erin McCarley. Megan rushes to stop Rose from cheating.

Episode 11: All About Love, Actually

  • "So Damn Lucky" by Dave Matthews. Will gets a phone call
  • "Lost Time" by Maria Taylor. Laurel meets Miles at his hotel room
  • "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg. Charlie asks Mandy to move in with him, again.
  • "Think Awhile" by Cary Brothers. Will asks Megan for a third chance; montage

Episode 12: All About the Ripple Effect

  • "Shadow" by Lettie. Marco comments on Luis' garlic preparation
  • "Kaboom!" by Ursula 1000. Megan goes to the salon looking for Lily
  • "Drive" by Ellem. Megan interrupts Charlie & Mandy's toaster debate
  • "Closer" by Jars Of Clay. Megan leaves her dad a message as Will arrives
  • "Une Derniere Cigarette" by Saint Privat. Megan interviews Victoria, the tobacco heiress
  • "Raindrops From The Sun (Hey Hey Hey)" by Imani Coppola. The double date
  • "Mi Guitarra" by Daniel Indart. Megan & Charlie talk about Will
  • "Oats We Sow" by Gregory and The Hawk. Will & Megan agree to work on the relationship
  • "Birthday" by The Bird and The Bee. Rose tells Sage about Zack & that Luis wasn't fired; Megan goes to her dad's place.

Episode 13: All About What Lies Beneath

Episode 14: All About Tough Love

  • "People In The Hole" by Catherine Feeny. Megan visits Lily in jail; repeats as Megan finds out Shelby conned her and
  • "Waters Of March" by Anya Marina. Sage uncharacteristically treats her classmates nicely.
  • "I Come Home" by Catherine Feeny. Will asks Megan how it went with Lily.
  • "Watson On Your Side" by The Eames Era. Rose tries to decipher Zach's poem
  • "Hold Heart" by Emiliana Torrini. Shelby asks Will for his help
  • "I'm Not Cool" by Sohodolls. Megan discovers Lily was released from jail.

Episode 15: All About the Big Picture

  • "Cryin' Shame" by The Happy Problem. Megan drives to Will's house
  • "Least You're Breathing" by Chris Trapper. Sage brags about Luis to her friend; Rose turns down a date with Zach.
  • "Shiny On The Inside" by Leona Naess. Will tells Megan to create some boundaries with her family.
  • "Gotta Work" by Amerie. The launch party.
  • "Last To Know" by The Eames Era. Rose & Sage's picture is posted on Perez Hilton
  • "Do It Better" by Imperial Teen. Sage misses Luis' call while making plans with her publicist
  • "Kickin' Back" by Music Box. Marco sees Keith with another guy
  • "Irish Goodbye" by Maria Taylor. Sage & Rose get ready for another event; Megan gives the girls some advice
  • "With You" by Natalie Walker. Megan apologizes to Lily, then shows her a picture of their mom.
  • "Happy Ending" by Mika. Will & Megan exchange 'I Love You's

Episode 16: All About Confessions

  • "Waking" by Hayley Taylor. Charlie tells Mandy he's been accepted at UCSD
  • "The Beat Of My Radio" by Stephanie Lang. Rose & Sage compare their guy issues
  • "Kiss With a Fist" by Florence and the Machine. Megan & Lily talk about their dad at Charlie's goodbye party
  • "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine. Charlie & Will face off over beer pong
  • "She's Got It So Phat" by Bosshouse Music. Will confronts Charlie over the kiss
  • "I'll See You There" by Bosshouse Music. Mandy tells Megan that she's selfish
  • "Rafe" by Fauxliage. Rose tells Zach she's stalking his ex; Elyse tells Rose about Miles
  • "Into the Light" by The Alexandria Quartet. Megan & Will argue about Charlie
  • "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn. Megan & Charlie say goodbye.
  • "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow. Charlie leaves; Sage goes to confession.

Episode 17: All About Betrayal

Episode 18: All About a Brand New You

  • "22" by Lily Allen. Megan's alarm goes off; Megan quizzes Sage.
  • "Skeleton Song" by Kate Nash. Rose annoys her friends with her survival course preparations.
  • "Two For My Seconds" by Operator Please. Megan meets Will for lunch
  • "Comfort" by Deb Talan. Preparing for the wedding
  • "Ain't That A Kick In the Head" by Robbie Williams. People arrive for the wedding
  • "I'm Old Fashioned" by Lucy Hale. Rose sings as the ceremony starts
  • "Hava Nagila". Dancing at the reception.
  • "It's a Girl's World" by Ellem. Megan & Laurel dance with Rose & Sage.
  • "Calm Under The Waves" by Maria Mena. Sage breaks up with Luis.
  • "Mille Baci" by Saint Privat. Megan meets Keith's old neighbor.
  • "Heaven When We're Home" by The Wailin' Jennys. Sage tells Rose about breaking up with Luis

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