Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lindsay Price, Eastwick Witch or Fashion Designer ?

Lindsay Price has been cast on Eastwick, a remake tv series of the John Updike novel and 1987 movie, "The witches of Easwick" about three beautiful single witches coming into their powers. ABC has ordered a pilot and Lindsay Price will play "Joanna" one of the witches, alongside Jaime Ray Newman ("Kat") and original cast member Veronica Cartwright who will have a supporting role on the new show. The remake will, of course, present a modern representation of the three witches, placing them in social dynamics of a life more 2009/2010-ish.

Now, does it mean that NBC is closing the debate on Lipstick Jungle and ending the show ?
It seems to me that things are heading south for Lipstick Jungle because Lindsay Price is already linked by contract to the show, and ABC already signing her on a new show is surely not a good sign. I also don't think that NBC would release her from "Lipstick" if there were any future in sight for the show. However, a plausible solution would be to move the show to another network or even on cable tv.
Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed for ABC pushing back "Eastwick" to allow another season of Lipstick Jungle, implying of course that NBC hear our prayers...

Please help save the show:
Lipstick Jungle Petition
Lipstick Jungle Petition 2

Original Cast of "The Witches of Eastwick" 1987.

Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher and Jack Nicholson

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