Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smallville "Tremendous" Season finale

Major Spoiler !!

Something dark this way come , something maybe even darker than the awaited comeback of Lex Luthor. Two of our beloved Smallville citizens are reported to "kick the bucket" at the end of this season, and more precisely during the final episode on May 14, 2009. Furthermore, it seems that one of the characters targeted by Death (Who also goes by the name of "writing staff") is a regular cast member. Several sources confirmed this news and even added that the two deaths will be permanent (no surprise visit from the dead or flashbacks). Accordingly, the actors hadn't been signed on for the next season.

Here are my picks for "Most likely to meet a certain demise on May 14":

Tess Mercer (I'm sensing a gruesome encounter with the Grim Reaper)

Lana Lang (If the writers are staying true to the comics, she isn't going to croak
- i.e, I just wanted to post Kristen in that dress)

Chloe Sullivan (My guess: she will fall by an heroic attempt to save Clark's life)
Allison Mack being my favorite from the cast, the writers had better deliver on the "superman plot" promesses if Chloe dies.

PS: As the end of the season approches, there will be more spoilers than ever on the net, however I won't post any because I simply don't want to know more about the outcome before I watch the rest of the season.

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