Friday, March 27, 2009

The amazing Zatanna- Smallville S08E17

Besides "Bride" and "Legion", Yesterday's episode ("Hex") was one of the best episodes in which we have a fellow DC Comic character who decides to drop by Smallville. The beautiful magician Zatanna was played by Serinda Swan, you may or rather not remember her from that episode of Supernatural where demon Meg was after "the colt", killing John's friends in the way. She was the hospital receptionist,... still nothing ?. Anyway, in Smallville she was just like I had pictured Zatanna to be like in flesh, with the magic tricks and the intriguing personality that makes you wonder which side of the battle between evil and good she really does lean into.
I also liked the fact that the episode stayed true to the portrait of Zatanna in all of her aspects: her costume was quite accurate, the writers used her father's death as a back story to her character, and the icing on the cake (I hate that expression, but can't stop using it), casting spells by talking backwards.
It was about time that a not so popular from the "DC gang" made an appearance on the show and needless to say, it was a wonderful experience.

So thank you Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Joe Shuster and all the writing team for that much underrated episode that only geeks like me would truly be grateful for.

Here is the entire episode: Smallville Season 8 episode 17, "Hex"

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