Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 DC Comics characters I want to appear on Arrow


 The chances of having the dark knight on this show are rather slim, so why not settle for the next best thing from Gotham? He could be there to track a villain from Bl├╝dhaven, and have Arrow mistake him for a bad guy. They would fight for a bit before they realize that they are on the same side of the spandex aficionados community. They could then join forces to take out the criminals, just for one episode.
Heck I'll even settle for a 3 seconds cameo or maybe someone mentioning him in a conversation.


Lady Shiva

I'd love to see her on the show as an assassin hired to take out someone close to Ollie, like his mom or his new step dad. I can see Arrow try to stop her (cool fighting sequences and stuff) only to have his a*** handed to him before she executes her target.
 To the great merriment of the target audience of the CW, this defeat would only lead to one thing: More brooding & bare chested training.

Jim Gordon

  Starling city has a new vigilante problem. Where else would our dedicated officer Lance turn for advice than Gotham super cop? Is it too much to ask for just a scene where Gordon tells him about the similarities between a current Starling murder case and some old Gotham case ? (maybe hint to a familiar Batman nemesis?)


  Well, we already have would be Black Canary on the show, why not bring in another "Bird" to the show just for a couple of episodes.
She could be here to hunt one of the associates of her late husband's killer or to take back her sword that had been stolen by some mob boss, maybe even both.
  However,unlike that story arc with Huntress, there will be no bonding moment with Arrow, no heartfelt moment where she confides in the mask-less eyeliner wearing archer about her tragedy torn past. I just want her to come kick some ass with that cool sword of hers and leave.


In my mind, this one is a given. You can't have a TV show featuring Black Canary and leave out Wildcat. He would fit in perfectly with this gritty Nolan-esque version of the Arrow. He doesn't even have to take on the mantle of Wildcat, I'd be satisfied with Ted Grant, boxer wrongly accused of murder, in need of a lawyer (wink Laurel wink) to clear his name.
Of course by the end of the episode, we could have a glimpse of him becoming Wildcat.

Honorable mention: Roy Harper, the red Arrow was forsaken because, no spoiler here but, I'm almost certain that we'll get to see him soon. 

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