Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Izzie and George leaving Seattle Grace ?

US Weekly then ABC confirmed the news about Katherine Heigl and T.R Knight leaving Grey's Anatomy. The two actors stated on several occasions their will to leave the TV series and go on to other projects. However, as obliged by their contracts, they will continue the filming for this season. I personally am one of those really disappointed about this decision from the actors to leave. Aside from the talented newcomers, Izzie and George are both characters I like very much considering that Meredith is just downright whiny, Derek definitely deserves a medal for putting up with her weekly tantrums.

So now that we know about them leaving, the door is open for debate regarding the way the characters will leave the show and I have several theories about what the future of Seattle Grace holds in store for us:

  • We already know that Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is having some sanity problems with her relationship with her dead boyfriend and all, my theory is simply that the brain tumor rumours were true. She will discover that tumor but either it will be too late to operate or she will die from complications from the procedure.
  • We will learn that Denny is not dead and that he is in fact a Cylon so Izzie is leaving not only the hospital but the planet. She will deeply be missed.
  • Concerning George, I'm pretty sure that he will simply leave the hospital on his own terms (not forced by the grim reaper as it always is in that hospital).

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  1. Devastating! I'll be so sad when they aren't on the show anymore.