Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mentalist- Season 1

Created by Bruno Heller ("Rome", "Touching Evil"), is a TV show about Patrick Jane, an ex- psychic turned investigator, who helps the "CBI" (California Bureau of Investigation) solve crime.


Simon Baker as "Patrick Jane"
Robin Tunney as "Agent Teresa Lisbon"
Amanda Righetti as "Agent Grace Van Pelt"
Tim Kang as " Agent Kendall Cho"
Owain Yeoman as " Wayne Rigsby"

Season 1 episodes:

Episode 1 : Pilot (Aired on 9/23/2008)

Episode 2: Red Hair and Silver Tape (Aired on 9/30/2008)

Episode 3: Red Tide (Aired on 10/14/2008)

Episode 4: Ladies in Red (Aired on 10/21/2008)

Episode 5: Redwood (Aired on 10/28/2008)

Episode 6: Red-Handed (Aired on 11/11/2008)

Episode 7: Seeing Red (Aired on 11/18/2008)

Episode 8: The Thin Red Line (Aired on 11/25/2008)

Episode 9: Flame Red (Aired on 12/2/2008

Episode 10: Red Brick and Ivy (Aired on 12/16/2008)

Episode 11: Red John's Friends (Aired on 1/6/2009)

Episode 12: Red Rum (Aired on 1/13/2009)

Episode 13: Paint it Red (Aired on 1/18/2009)

Episode 14: Crimson Casanova (Aired on 2/9/2009)

Episode 15: Scarlett Fever (Aired on 2/17/2009)

Episode 16: Bloodshot (Airs on 3/17/2009)

Episode 17: Carnelian Inc (Airs on 3/24/2009)

Episode 18: Russet Potatoes (Airs on 3/31/2009)

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