Thursday, March 5, 2009

How I met your mother ?

Major Spoilers !!

The little internet bird whispered in my ears some sweet sweet tunes about one of my favorite tv shows that is still on air (All my loved series get prematurely cancelled-it's a curse).
A lot of sources are reporting that by the end of this season of "How I met your mother", some light will be shed on the identity of the mother . It seems that the news originated from Carter Bays, co-creator of the tv show:

"At the end of the season, we will address the title of our show," reveals Bays, adding that the last four episodes will feature "big events in the lives of our characters -- specifically Ted (Josh Radnor). We're going to wrap up some things that have been left dangling."

However I remain skeptical about what everybody seems to be drawing from that special piece of information. Will the identity of the mother be revealed ? I think not, because this news can become the answer to the main question of the show and a possible conclusion.
Then again, the writers might have concocted a pretty interesting follow-up for next season.

Only time and internet gossip will tell...

Until then, here are the two hit singles from Robin Sparkles

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