Sunday, March 29, 2009

A piece of advice to 20th Century Fox: Next time, try CGI

when I was younger Dragon Ball Z was my favorite manga (still is), written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. I used to watch it on "Club Dorothée" every morning during the summer. My favorite character was Gohan, he was never really liked fighting but he always came through when his friends needed help. As for Vegeta, I loved him for the same reasons people dislike villains, he's arrogant, has no pity for the weak and he hates Goku with a passion.

Theme song (ps: I'm french, I didn't know any english before 10, so "DBZ" will always feel a bit weird to me in any other languages)

Dragon Ball Evolution trailer,
In theaters April 2009 (North America Release)

I've seen the movie and, well let's just say I died a little inside at various scenes.
From all the reviews out there, here are the words that best described my take on the movie:

The reasons why so many people hated it may be the many differences between the movie and the anime, like Bulma' s hair or Piccolo's color. I also think that they (haters, bad reviewers,ME ?) might have forgotten that this is an adaptation from the manga, so changes are to be expected in the movie.
So please, don't let my point of vue discourage you from seeing this movie. This is coming from a guy who didn't think "Gigli" was that bad; so every fan (or non fan) should see it and form his own opinion on the matter.

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