Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Melrose Place 2.0 News !

This week bring us more exciting news on the upcoming Melrose Place, as we have 2 former regular cast members returning to the series:

Laura Leighton is returning to her role as "Sydney", the bad redhead who supposedly died in a car accident at the end of season 5. She will be the new landlord of the apartment complex.

I'm curious to see how the writers will make her come back from this carnage:

"Dr Michael Mancini" played by Thomas Calabro is back on TV !
The last time I saw him, it was on "Greek" as Rebecca logan's dad.

Melrose Place 2.0 (is it the official name ?) is more promising then ever with theses additions to the cast. Now can we please bring back Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison) and Andrew Shue (Billy) to give more reasons to the fan to watch the show ? Or even better, wouldn't it be nice to just forget all the new actors, bring back everyone from the old show and take things where we left off ?

And one more thing (to the folks at CW and CBS): Now that the casting is almost closing and things are already official, don't you think that starting the promotion for the new show will be a good idea ?


  1. Yeah, I definitely want all casts back from the original MP ;D
    I loved Amanda,played by Heather Locklear.

  2. Oh I hated Amanda lol, but I want her back on the show.

  3. hahaha! I hated Amanda at the beginning when she was dating with Billy, but after that, she became more likable character to me...more interested to see everyweek...She was like sophisticated, beautiful and can get whatever she wants, however, her whatever boyfriends and ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, drove her crazy. They're all seeking her, wanting her back again and again. Then she was always running away from those crazy guys. That was crazy stuff, but it's more interesting. What's going to happen next to her? I used to be like that :)