Monday, April 6, 2009

TTSCC: 150 Reasons Why We Need Season 3

150+ Reasons Why We Need Season 3

By the fans of "Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles" all around the world.

Help save the show and tell us what you like about TTSCC and why you want it back


  1. From what I understand from the story line of Terminator, this show is more genuine and is based on the actual story. There is mo reason to cancel this show just because it is in the wrong timeslot. THIS SHOW HAS POTENTIAL. It is like another Smallville. Keep it rolling, producers.

  2. This is B.S. FOX is a croc, they are not a peoples choices network. I juss wish they can sell the rights to another network. ABC plz some1 step in. Season3 is a must, the end part of season 2 was getting so good, tht it left everything in a clifhanger. Plz can some1 plz make this happen, plz.

  3. the show has great potencial,if they make the third season without the things that werent interesting in season two, the show would have higher or at least the same ratings like the firts season.
    The first season had more fight scenes and they were coller then the fight scenes in season two.if they make the third season more like the firts instead more like the second they will have a huge hit. please dont waste the show it has great potencial. if you make the third season more interesting with more fight scene then the second season you cant lose. what was wrong with the fight scenes in the second season was that there wasnt enough of them and those there were had music in them and some of them were very badly presented. dont do that with the third season and you would have a winner.

  4. The show is a very good, eye-catching. I realy liked seasons 1 and 2. I can't wait to see third part.