Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smallville- Season 1

Developped by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and based on the DC Comics character "Superman", Smallville tells the story of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman.

Tom Welling as "Clark Kent"
Michael Rosenbaum as "Lex Luthor"
Kristin Kreuk as "Lana Lang"
Allison Mack as "Chloe"
John Glover as "Lionel Luthor"
Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent"
John Schneider as "Jonathan Kent"

Season1 episodes:

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Metamorphosis

Episode 3: Hothead

Episode 4: X-Ray

Episode 5: Cool

Episode 6: Hourglass

Episode 7: Craving

Episode 8: Jitters

Episode 9: Rogue

Episode 10: Shimmer

Episode 11: Hug

Episode 12: Leech

Episode 13: Kinetic

Episode 14: Zero

Episode 15: Nicodemus

Episode 16: Stray

Episode 17: Reaper

Episode 18: Drone

Episode 19: Crush

Episode 20: Obscura

Episode 21: Tempest

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