Friday, March 20, 2009

Uriel on Supernatural/ Uriel in "Hideaway"

Castiel (Misha Collins) & Uriel (Robert Wisdom) Supernatural

This week's episode of "Supernatural" was full of surprises. One of them being the identity of the serial angel killer: "Uriel". I was a bit surprised but not really shocked about this, maybe because I didn't really like the character of Uriel on Supernatural. Uriel thought he was doing the right thing (they always do) by killing the angels and joining Lucifer to bring the apocalypse on Earth. In his last moments, he shared his doubts about the true agenda of God and wanted to "shake things up" in heaven. I also think that Christopher Heyerdahl,the actor playing the demon Alastair, was amazing in this episode.
Angels falling from grace all over again ? And Dean asked to stand up against the apocalypse ? The last episodes of Supernatural are going to be pretty interesting.

It wasn't the first time that I came across a portrait of the angel Uriel in fiction. He was also in Dean Koontz's book, "Hideaway", about a man who was telepathically connected to a serial killer after an accident that lead him to an 8 min coma. The movie was made about this book, and I hated the movie interpretation with such a passion. The story is a great depiction of Good versus Evil and the thin line that separates them.
I highly recommend this book to all supernatural and thriller fans.

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