Monday, February 2, 2009

Kyle XY cancelled ?

Several TV boards and forums such as CW lounge, TV.COM are reporting a possible end to Kyle XY.
Entertainment Weekly confirmed the rumours saturday, the show has really been cancelled because of insufficient ratings compared to other shows of the network. The choice has been made by the executives of ABC Family to renew Greek and Lincoln Heights and to pick up new series 10 things I hate about you and Ruby and the Rockits.

However, for all Kyle XY fans out there, there is still a way to save the show by signing petitions and posting comments on official Kyle Xy forums :

Kyle XY community on ABC

Petition Spot/Kyle XY

If the people in charge at ABC don't change their decision to put Kyle off the air, I hope they at least let the writers give a decent ending to the show. Another solution could be to give the series a trial run on another day, timeline or even another channel.

Please don't let Kyle XY meet the same fate as Veronica Mars

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