Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freaks & Geeks

Created by Paul Feig, produced and directed by Judd Apatow, Freaks & Geeks is a TV show about the lives of 2 groups of teenagers attending McKinley high school in Michigan. Despite a primetime emmy win in 2000, the show was cancelled after only 18 episodes.
It aired from september 1999 to july 2000.

John Francis Daley as "Sam Weir"
Linda Cardellini as "Lindsay Weir"
Seth Rogen as "Ken Miller"
Jason Segel as "Nick Andopolis"
James Franco as "Daniel Desario"
Samm Levine as "Neil Schweiber"
Martin Starr as "Bill Haverchuck"
Busy Philipps as "Kim Kelly"

Episode 1 : Pilot

Episode 2: Beers and Weirs

Episode 3
: Trick and treats

Episode 4 : Kim Kelly is my friend

Episode 5: Tests and Breasts

Episode 6 : I'm with the band

Episode 7 :
Carded and discarded

Episode 8 : Girlfriends and boyfriends

Episode 9 : We've got spirit

Episode 10 : The diary

Episode 11 : Looks and books

Episode 12 : The garage door

Episode 13 : Chokin' and tokin'

Episode 14 : Dead dogs and gym teachers

Episode 15 : Noshing and moshing

Episode 16 : Smooching and mooching

Episode 17 : The little things

Episode 18 : Discos and dragons

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